Remote / Distance Healing Testimonial

I have known Priti for over 20 years and touched base with her recently during lockdown.  On the day that I spoke with Priti I was reminded of the healing work that she does using various treatments including TRE and craniosacral.

I had not considered having a virtual treatment previously and when I realised this was an option I was intrigued and not quite sure what to expect. I had wanted to take some time out and focus on my own well being for quite a while. Priti was very accommodating and we agreed a session that suited me of an evening. The evening of the appointment I ensured that I was in a suitable environment for the treatment and Priti held a video call with me, where she asked if there were any areas that I needed to be worked upon.  She then showed me her treatment room from where she would be undertaking the treatment, this assisted me visually to connect. Priti went on to let me know that she would start the treatment in 2 mins from when she hung up and would send me a message once the treatment was complete and should I want to speak with her after that she would be available.

I turned off all my usual distractions and lay down. As soon as the treatment started I found my mind wandering and then what I can only describe as my legs feeling heavy and being weighed down towards the bed. There was a tingling in my feet and I felt heat and pressure around my knee and left side of my face. I felt extremely relaxed and I found my breathing was more controlled and I had a real feeling of calm. The next time I opened my eyes it was actually morning and I had slept through waking up before my alarm sounding!

I can only explain that when I woke up I felt alert, focussed and like a heavy weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My mood was good and I found that I had more energy than I had in previous weeks and days. I really enjoyed the session and more importantly I loved the fact that I did not have to drive in traffic, to and from a consultation and that I was in my own comfortable environment.

When I spoke to Priti the following afternoon she told me of the areas that she had found needed work and these were in line with a few ailments that I had not mentioned to anyone. I will be recommending this form of treatment to everyone but I would say go in with an open mind, just go with it, trust Priti, she is a true connoisseur in her field. I will be making this a part of my personal health and well being regime going forward.

Thank you for the experience.

Distance Healing

It’s taken me too long to write this , but it also took me far too long to make the step of booking in for TRE and Cranio Sacral therapy with Priti
i ! I can’t quite describe how utterly exhausted I was at the point of seeing Priti .

All the usual life stresses have been massively magnified over the last 3 years: a demanding young family , never ending financial struggles , jobs being at risk, a relentlessly stressful and emotionally demanding job and complex wider family relationships all had left me isolated and exhausted physically and emotionally with pretty well no meaningful time or space for myself.

I’d reached that point where I had nowhere to turn and my own resources and resilience was completely ground down . I knew I had to carve out the time and money to see Priti and do something to support me . It was the best thing I’ve done in years !

The safe non judgmental space Priti held for me that first session was truly transformative. Pritti knew where I was , emotionally , and happily , gratefully met me there, exactly where I was and with exactly , uncannily what I needed . I was in a state of permanent ‘ readiness ‘ waiting always for the next wave of demands , attack , criticism or a need to work harder and faster , do more always , which my body and mind simply couldn’t sustain hence the emotional and physical exhaustion which no amount of unbroken sleep would ever fix (if only unbroken sleep with young children were actually a reality ;-))

The therapy room is so calm , Priti’s energy is comfortable , safe , fun and truly healing . The feelings during the first session were at times quite intense but I never felt scared or worried , it was like the most gentle , safe , healing touch I’ve ever known ! It felt like my whole body was being given permission to unwind , to start to stop the constant state of being alert and to just be what and where my body needed at that very moment .

I saw , I ‘ felt’ (which sounds daft !) colours , with my eyes closed , I felt utterly bathed in white light , then orange , red and a purple colour. I had this enormous feeling of safety , all the touch was just right for my body and mind , it was gentle and safe and healing . I felt lots of emotions during the therapy , but none were scary or overwhelming , they all felt safe: I haven’t felt like I’ve been ‘allowed ‘ to express myself for years , and it was like all those tightly held emotions were set free – again I felt completely safe whether it was giggling seemingly without reason , or crying like I was setting my soul free with the healing .

I’ve felt brighter , lighter , everything felt more vibrant , alert , touch and smell were enhanced . This all must sound really extreme , it was , but in a gentle way .

I’d say to anyone who is frazzled , tired , on edge or just plain exhausted with every day life stresses , this therapy was transformative for me and I’m sure it can be for you too . The well being I’ve felt since has stayed with me in varying degrees , but no matter the degree of change there has been a huge shift in my energy and ability to roll with daily life rather than be pushed around.


After going through a traumatic birth I was experiencing feelings of anxiety and guilt which I wasn’t sure how to cope with. I knew nothing about TRE but I decided to try a session with an open mind. From the start Priti clearly explained the treatment to me, then calmly guided me through the exercises. I found some of them quite emotional towards the end but Priti calmly supported me through them and I left the session feeling energised but calm. That night I slept soundly (as soundly as one is able to with a 3 month old baby) and woke up feeling refreshed. I’ve continued the exercises periodically and feel much more positive when reflecting on challenging memories and when dealing with difficult and stressful situations. Thank you Priti, I would happily recommend TRE to anyone


Intuitive. Comfortable. Safe. Effective. Passionate empath. Confidential. Enjoyable. Deeply healing. Carefully considered. Welcoming space.

These are some of the words which spring to mind about Priti and her range of treatments for each unique body and soul.

We all go through ‘stuff’ and are affected in different ways, and carry some of this along with us. Priti is able to subtly assist in allowing us to let go of these things, so that we can live in greater physical ease and mental and emotional balance, making for a happier life. None of us are immune….regularly taking care of ourselves as well as others matters…and Priti has a special way of helping us to do this, and to feel a whole lot more positive ‘stuff’ in doing so…lighter, calmer, clearer, focussed, energetic, stronger, content….deep down this is how we all want to feel, so go ahead and see for yourself; there is nothing to lose and everything to gain – try it.