Mums & babies

IMG_0226The miracle of birth can be a very beautiful experience when things go as planned. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and intervention may be needed. These interventions, although necessary at the time, can cause physical and emotional stress to both baby and mother. Birth trauma can be from physical force or the effect of shock.
CST can be used before,during and after birth for mother and child. I also treat new fathers to help them adjust to emotional changes in and around the home environment. Sometimes the mum, dad and baby will be present in the room at the same time, helping to create and strengthen bonds.

Before conception, CST can be used to raise your vitality and clear any emotional blockages, also helping to deal with emotions concerning infertility and complications of previous pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the mother’s body will be going through numerous changes, hormonally and physically. Life circumstances may also cause stress and anxiety. This anxiety and stress may be felt by the baby too. CST can help Mum be relaxed, comfortable and positive about physical and mental changes. This in turn filters through to the baby.

In birth, contractions exert enormous pressure on the baby’s body, helping to push the baby through the birth canal. The baby also has to twist and turn inside the pelvis. These pressures can lead to all sorts of complaints in the new-born, such as colic, digestive issues or disturbed sleep patterns.

CST can be given to the baby whilst asleep or feeding. Changes can occur with just one treatment, but several may be needed.