What to expect

head-massageAfter a consultation treatment is carried out with the client lying down fully clothed on the couch. I then place my hands very gently in various places on the body to assess cranial rhythm.
Clients often have a sense of well being, deep relaxation, tingling, peace, rejuvenation and may feel subtle movements inside the body. Sometimes you will feel lighter or slightly dis-orientated, or like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You are able to smile and laugh again or cry the tears that you have suppressed.

Every session is different and deeply personal to you and I fully respect your journey. Everytime we meet and enter into this partnership your system will take whatever it needs.

My aim is to treat the whole person without any judgements. I listen to your story of your life, trust, follow it and allow it to unfold, offering you a safe space to release,let go and move forward.

You don’t have to be ill or in a “bad place”to have a session, some use it as a way of getting themselves to stop going at 90 miles an hour and have a deep still point. A still point where the deepest healings can take place.