What is cranio-sacral therapy (CST)?

home4Cranio-sacral therapy (CST) is a hands-on method of whole body evaluation and treatment that may have a positive impact on nearly every system of the body. Non-invasive, exceptionally gentle and extremely powerful.
It is a profound healing process that can release deeply held patterns of emotional or physical dysfunction that can accumulate throughout life as a result of injury, illness and personal circumstances.
Used alone or alongside conventional medicine, it has proven clinically effective in facilitating the body’s ability to self heal.

occipital-hr-workIt was recognised over 100 years ago through the work and research of an american osteopath- Dr.William Sutherland. He discovered that every cell in the body expresses its own rhythmic motion, that the cranial(skull) bones have their own intrinsic movement and that the cerebral spinal fluid that serves to cushion and support the brain and spine also has its own rhythmic motion. This is known as cranio-cacral motion and is expressed throughout the whole body.
He went on to demonstrate that these rhythms and movements are linked to mental, physical and emotional health.
Everyday physical knocks, bumps, trauma, shock and emotional stress cause the body’s tissues and membranes to contract and tighten up, manifesting in further tensions and restrictions in the body. Eventually this prevents organs and the body’s systems functioning at an optimum level.

A cranio-sacral therapist will work on the cranio sacral system, this is a physiological body system that extends from the skull, face, mouth and down to the sacrum and coccyx. It is made up of the cerebrospinal fluid, systems that regulate the fluid flow, bones that attach to membranes, joints and sutures that interconnect these bones.As it contains the brain, spinal cord and all the related structures restrictions and imbalances in the system can directly affect all or any aspects of the central nervous systems performance.

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